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Rome, Italy

LUISS-Guido Carli is a private Italian university located in the heart of Rome. The University aims to achieve the highest levels of distinction in the development and transmission of scientific, technological, and classical knowledge and understanding. It is committed to promoting and organizing research activities, educating both culturally and professionally, and contributing to the transfer of innovation. Recognized for academic excellence, LUISS Guido Carli is a dynamic university with highly selective admission practices.

LOGO LUISSThe university has trained world-class leaders, sensitive both to the realities of the market, as well as the rules and values of modern democracy. It offers an advanced education model oriented towards training students by instilling them with the flexibility necessary to become the leading actors of their future. The University comprises three Faculties and has a wide array of academic, extracurricular and support resources at its disposal. An ever increasing number of foreign students chose to experience the LUISS Guido Carli education experience. 


The Faculty of Political Science

The Faculty of Political Science at the LUISS Guido Carli is a well-established part of the Italian academic scene, as well as a nationally and internationally recognized centre of excellence, notably in political theory and philosophy. The planning phase for the faculty's degree programmes relied on the direct involvement of organizations representing the job market, whose valuable suggestions were used to draw up majors that reconcile essential theoretical preparation with specific practical skills. The Faculty of Political Science strives to educate professionals who can fill positions of responsibility in the ranks of: public institutions and administrations; international bodies; businesses; and any globally active organisation, notably in the field of communication.

The Center for Ethics and Global Politics

The 'Center for Ethics and Global Politics' at LUISS University is a specialised research and teaching center aimed at deepening the understanding of the key ethical and political issues facing our global age. It intends to provide both academia and the professional world with expertise and consultancy on the most urgent normative dilemmas raised by public choices regarding globalization. The Center for Ethics and Global Politics is a new institution broadening the scope of the previously established 'Center for the Study of Human Rights' (CERSDU). The Center combines two particular areas of expertise: (i) the philosophical study of political justice: and (ii) the study of international affairs from different normative perspectives. Regarding research, the Center has a broad permanent and visiting faculty hailing from several countries composed mainly of political theorists and scholars of international relations. Regarding its teaching, the Center runs an international Ph.D. programme in Political Theory with over 30 students from some 17 countries; a Master's course on Human Rights; and an annual Summer School. The Center is part of several international networks and research projects, and regularly holds public lectures by leading scholars and professionals.

The Doctoral Program in Political Theory managed within the CEGP welcomes doctoral students working towards stimulating international community; and its outlook is decidedly interdisciplinary. The program covers four main research-areas: (i) philosophy - ethics and applied philosophy, political and social philosophy, and issues in contemporary philosophy; (ii) political theory - ethics of international relations and human rights theories; (iii) law - international law, humanitarian law, and international criminal law; (iv) and politics and economics - international political economy, development policies, sustainability theories, international relations, and theories of globalization.