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Jointly Executed Research Projects

The GEM PhD School aims to back top-doctoral research concerned with the different challenges facing the contemporary regional and global governance systems. The resulting epistemic community is understood as a bridging exercise between various Social Science disciplines.

Amongst other, the program seeks to foster an innovative and mutually-beneficial dialogue between Global & EU studies The development and coherence of this vast research agenda is ensured through its 3 component Jointly Executed Research Projects (i.e. JERPs.): AMETRINE, CITRINE & MORGANITE.



Headed by

the Université Libre de Bruxelles

Headed by

the University of Warwick


Headed by

the LUISS - Guido Carli

An institution-centred research initiative focussed on assessing the efficiency, legitimacy, and tensions inherently associated with regional, interregional and global institutionalized multilateral cooperation efforts.


A concerted research initiative focused on analysing the implications of regulatory efforts associated with different articulations of the multilateral order as they apply within and between models of national capitalisms, supranational governance dilemmas and global security concerns.


A coordinated research initiative focused on the normative components of European and international politics. It aims at comparatively examining European and non-European perspectives on issues of justice related to globalization and global politics.