GEM PhD School

Globalisation, Europe & Multilateralism

Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate


CITRINE’s work will grow out of the following 5 research themes. One or more of these themes will typically be embodied in all of the individual research projects selected after each call for applications.

CITRINE GEM.jpg Research Theme 1
- Regulatory Structure of an Increasingly Global abd Multilateral World
      The intellectual underpinnings of diverging preferences and the expressions thereof
CITRINE GEM.jpg Research Theme 2 -  The Rise of global regulatory interests

Interactions in the production of ideas and the reproduction of institutions at all levels up to the global
CITRINE GEM.jpg Research Theme 3 - Broader Specific Impact of Global Reforms of Production, Finance and Trade
      The future of both local/national/regional economies and of distinct local/ national/regional capitalisms
CITRINE GEM.jpg Research Theme 4 - Specific Articulation of Broader Global Threat Concerns

The future of local/national/regional security and their distinct security governance structures

CITRINE GEM.jpg Research Theme 5 - The impact of changing multilateral regulatory norms
      The everyday lives of citizens within the contested political structures of globalisation