GEM PhD School

Globalisation, Europe & Multilateralism

Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate




Discourses and practices of foreign and security policies regionalization. The cases of South America and West Africa.

Academic Degrees

September-January 2012-13: Junior Researcher, University of Brasilia (UnB), Brazil

2010-2013: Erasmus Mundus Joint PhD Program (GEM PhD School): LUISS Guido Carli, Italy / University of Warwick, UK

2008-2009: Research Master in political science, speciality international relations, Sciences-Po Paris, France

2005-2008: “Magistère” of International Relations and Action in Foreign Countries (Master equivalent), University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne.

2002-2005: Bachelor in History, University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne

Work Experience

Mars-July 2010 Project manager, Joint Staff, UN Office, French Ministry of Defense.

January 2009 Consulting work for RELIANS CONSULTING: report on French national security.

March-July 2008 Traineeship, DG RELEX, Unit Andean Community and Venezuela, European Commission.

June-October 2006 Research assistant for the director 'European and Transatlantic areas', IRIS (Institute for International and Strategic Relations), Paris.

June 2005 Internship, Delegation of the European Commission in La Havana, Cuba.

June-July 2004 Internship, Delegation of the European Commission in Dakar, Senegal.

Specific Research Title, Area and Promotor(s)

Provisory dissertation title: Discourses and practices of foreign and security policies regionalization. The cases of South America and West Africa.

Areas of interests: International relations, security studies, regionalization, collective identity


  • Pr. Sergio Fabbrini (LUISS Guido Carli)

  • Dr. Christopher Browning (University of Warwick)

Description of research work

This project aims at understanding the process of foreign and security policies regionalization through the discourses and practices of regional actors. How this process is linked to the constitution of a regional political community/identity and how it is conditioned by the historical representations of the nation states, the national, regional and international discursive structures in which the states are embedded. At the same time, it emphasizes contingency in this process and the importance of regional actors’ practices.

It represents an alternative way to think about the building of regions, not focusing as most mainstream approaches do on ‘objective’ factors and rejecting a teleological trajectory in the constitution of regions.

Participation in Conferences and Seminars

May 22-23, 2012: Paper presented at the GR:EEN Workshop (FLACSO Argentina/UNU-CRIS) ‘The Role of Regional Leaders in the Americas and at the Global Level’, FLACSO, Buenos Aires: 'An understanding of foreign and security policies regionalization through the discourse of regional leaders'. 

April 10-15, 2012: Paper presented at the ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, Workshop 'Transformation of Foreign Policy and Diplomacy, University of Antwerp: 'Discourses and Practices of Foreign and Security Policies Regionalization'.

February 13-14, 2012: Paper presented at the GR:EEN First Annual Conference 'The Nature of the EU as a Global Actor', ISPI, Milan: 'The EU Foreign policy after Lisbon: the case of the European Strategy for security and Development in the Sahel'

October 28-29, 2011: Paper presented at the KFG Workshop ‘Regional Organizations as Global Players Active = Influential?’, Freie Universität Berlin: 'A tool for security governance: how is the EU fostering and shaping ECOWAS security and defense regionalization process?'



Overview of Publications


  • 'Percepciones norteamericanas de las evoluciones politicas en América Latina', Tribuna Internacional,, 5 de Mayo 2008,


Book reviews:

  • 'A Governmentality Approach to Peace Operations', Review of: Laura Zanotti, Governing disorder : UN peace operations, international security, and democratization in the post-Cold War era, Pennsylvania State University Press, 2011: in The International Spectator, Vol.46, No.4, December 2011

  • Daniel Flemes (ed.), Regional Leadership in the Global System: Ideas, Interests and Strategies of Regional Powers: in Millennium:Journal of International Studies, January 2012 40(2): 392-394