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Environmental NGOs as Ethical Norms' Advocates

Katia is in the last year of GEM and she spent her first year in Rome (LUISS Guido Carli) and second year in Brussels (ULB). Katia is currently a visiting scholar at Boston University, which is a full partner of GEM network. Katia's work is focused on the global environmental crisis that calls for a value shift and societal transformation. This is a multidisciplinary research that builds on literature in environmental ethics, international relations and politics, social psychology. Katia's special academic interest is on the topic of future generations in the context of environmental change; her other interests are sustainable lifestyles and environemtnal education.

Key reasons to join GEM: the inter-disciplinary academic approach and an amazing unique opportunity to experience educational systems in different European states.

Academic Degrees

2009-2010 – UK, London School of Economics and Political Science, MSc in Global History; second year of the Erasmus Mundus Global Studies program

Dissertation “Post Border Change Migration: Case studies of Russian reverse migration from Post-Soviet Republics in the 1990s” (Dissertation marked with High Distinction at LSE and was awarded a special Prize as the Best EMGS Dissertation 2010)

2008-2009 – Poland, University of Wroclaw, MA in Global Studies; first year of the Erasmus Mundus Global Studies program.

2003-2007 – Russia, Russian Academy for Foreign Trade, BA in International Management (diploma with honors)

Thesis: ‘Integration of Supply Chains of TNCs: Case study of Procter & Gamble’s acquisition of Wella AG’; marked with distinction, partly published in the academic magazine of the school.

* Master’s degree funded by the grant received from the European Commission.

** Bachelor’s degree funded by the Russian government on competitive basis.

Work Experience


1. Researching for and contributing to a zero draft of Secretary-General's Report on Intergenerational Solidarity and the Needs of Future Generations. Participating in a range of outreach activities aimed at promoting the report, including a video, a live facebook chat with all interested parties, and the organizational support for the Expert Panel on Intergenerational Solidarity / here you can read my article about the Report for the World Future Council
2. Analysis of strategic plans of nine UN agencies focused on how they mainstream environmental, social and economic sustainability. Preparing a concept note for an Expert Group meeting on Mainstreaming three dimensions of sustainable development throughout the UN system

06.2006 – 11.2006 PROCTER AND GAMBLE, Moscow

Internship in Supply Chain Department

Specific Research Title, Area and Promotor(s)


Normative Aspects of Climate Politics: Environmental NGOs as Ethical Norms' Advocates.

Inter-disciplinary project, involving such areas as Environmental Ethics, International Relations and Politics, Social Psychology

Supervisors: Dr. Gianfranco Pellegrino (LUISS), Prof. Jean-Frederic Morin (ULB).

Faculty host at Boston University: Prof. Henrik Selin

Description of research work

My thesis aims to explore ways to resolve global environmental crisis. I argue that states and the international organizations are not the only groups in power to solve the problem. Instead, I view environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs) as entities with a great potential to facilitate a substantial change by influencing the very cause of environmental crisis, which is rooted in unsustainable lifestyles and practices in developed states. 

The main issue in question in this thesis is a value shift that society has to undergo in order to achieve sustainability. I look at value shift from two perspectives: normative and empirical. From the normative side, I build on work of environmental philosophers, particularly climate ethicists, such as Stephen Gardiner and Dale Jamieson. My normative argument suggests what kind of value change should happen from a moral perspective - and what role can be played in the process by ENGOs.

I then look at the current state of affairs through the lenses of work done by ENGOs, agents in capacity of initiating a value shift. The empirical part of this thesis looks at climate change campaigns of such ENGOs as Greenpeace and WWF. It identifies the list of values that these ENGOs communicate to the general public. I then compare normative expectations with empirical findings, trying to describe and explain the gap.

Participation in Conferences and Seminars

09.2013 - ECPR General Conference, Bordeaux / presentation ENGOs and the Public: Alternatives to the Lack of Intergovernmental Efforts

03.2013 - REPI Seminar, ULB, Brussels / presentation

05.2012 - Annual PhD Workshop, LUISS, Rome / presentation

12.2008 – United Nations Conference on Climate Change, Poznan, Poland – Russian representative at the International Youth Climate Change Movement. My role within the team was focused on economic aspects of climate change policies.

Overview of Publications

Vladimirova, E. "Environmental Justice", entry in Essential Concepts for Global Environmental Governance (forthcomming)

Vladimirova, E. "Climate Change and Future Generations: Pure Intergenerational Problem and the UNESCO" in the special volume on Environmental Ethics of Ethics in Progress Quarterly (forthcomming)

Vladimirova, E. Book Review: A Perfect Moral Storm by S.Gardiner 2011 on Plurilogue: Politics and Philosophy Reviews, Oct. 2013.

Vladimirova, E. “Raising Awareness Together: How Can the EU Engage with Civil Society to Promote Sustainable Lifestyles?” in IAI Working Papers 12/18 – June 2012

Vladimirova, E. “Suggestions of the Youth Expert Group to the Sustainable Development in Russia” in the Bulletin Towards Sustainable Development in Russia No 59, 2012; Institute of Sustainable Development, Moscow, 2012 (in Russian)

Vladimirova, E. Book Review: Climate Ethics by S.Gardiner, S.Caney, D.Jamieson, 2011 on on Plurilogue: Politics and Philosophy Reviews, 2012

Vladimirova, E. Book Review: Climate Politics by A.Giddens, 2011 on on Plurilogue: Politics and Philosophy Reviews, 2012