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Academic Degrees & Titles

Associate Professor of European Politics. Dr Christou is the Programme Director for the MA in International Politics and Europe.  

George Christou studied for his first degree in Economics and Public Policy at Leeds Metropolitan University. He went on to complete his Masters degree in International Studies, a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education and a PhD in Political Science, all at the University of Sheffield. George joined the Department in August 2005. 

He has previously worked at the University of Manchester as a Lecturer in European Politics (2001-2003). He was a Research Associate at Manchester Metropolitan University on the ESRC project 'European Regulation of Internet Commerce' (2003-2004), and at the Centre for Public Policy, Northumbria University, undertaking various 'Governance' related projects (2004-2005).

Research Area(s)

The EU's role in conflict transformation in Cyprus and the European neighbourhood; the European Neighbourhood Policy - governance transformation and EU bordering impact; Turkey and the European Union; the EU as an international actor in Internet Governance; the Political Economy of EU/European and Global Internet Governance.

Specific Research Interest(s)

My specific research interests cover two distinct strands of European politics: 

The Political Economy of Internet Commerce & European/Global Politics of the Internet

This strand of research was developed as a Research Associate on an ESRC project on the ‘European Regulation of Internet Commerce’ (ERIC) with Dr Seamus Simpson (Principal Investigator), Manchester Metropolitan University. The following areas are of interest: 

  • The origins and development of EU Internet commerce policy in its global context
  • Characterising and explaining evolving patterns of Internet governance within Europe
  • Understanding the EU's role in global deliberations on defining a framework for Internet regulation and governance 
  • The public policy and commercial implications of the identifiable (albeit evolving) regulatory regimes for the Internet within Europe 


PO333 - Political, legal and economic problems of European integration.

PO910 - European Integration.

Suggested Fields of Inquiry

I am willing to supervise students within any field of enquiry which complements my specific research interests listed above or which clearly speaks directly to any of my published pieces of work listed below.

Overview of Publications


The European Union and Enlargement: The Case of Cyprus
Basigstoke: Macmillan-Palgrave, 2004

The New Electronic Marketplace: European Governance Strategies in a Globalising Economy
London: Edward Elgar, 2007, with S Simpson. 

Journal Articles

Christou, G. (forthcoming, 2011), 'Bilateral Relations with Russia and the Impact on EU Policy: The Cases of Cyprus and Greece', Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 19, June 2011, Special Issue, The European Union and Russia (Edited by Maxine David, Jackie Gower and Hiski Haukkala)

Christou, G. (forthcoming, 2011), 'Bilateral Relations with Russia and the Impact on EU Policy: The Cases of Cyprus and Greece', Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 19, June 2011, Special Issue, The European Union and Russia (Edited by Maxine David, Jackie Gower and Hiski Haukkala)

Christou, G. (2011), 'Multilateralism, Conflict Prevention and the Eastern Partnership', European Foreign Affairs Review, 16 (2): 207-225, 2011 

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Christou G and Simpson S, (2007) ‘Gaining a Stake in Global Internet Governance: The EU, ICANN and Strategic Norm Manipulation’, European Journal of Communication, Issue 22 (2), June 2007. 

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Christou G, (2003), ‘European Union Influence on the Cyprus Issue: From Association to Copenhagen’, Hellenic Studies, Vol.11 (2), September 2003, Centre of Hellenic Studies and Research, Quebec

Christou G, (2002),‘Enlargement and the Case of Cyprus and Turkey: The Power of Attraction as a Solution to the Cyprus Issue’, Journal on EthnoPolitics and Minority Issues in Europe, Summer 2002.


Book Contributions 

Christou, G and Simpson, S, (forthcoming 2011), The Influence of Global Internet Institutions on the EU, in Costa, O and Jørgensen, K.E, (eds), The Influence of International Institutions on the European Union, Houndmills, Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan 


Christou G and Simpson S (2008), ‘Transnational Private Governance of the Internet in the European Union: The Case of the dot eu Top Level Domain’ in Graz J-C and Nölke A, Transnational Private Governance and its Limits, London: Routledge

Christou G and Simpson S (2008), 'Internet Policy Implementation and the Interplay Between Global and Regional Levels', in Joachim J, Reinalda, B and Verbeek B, International Organizations and Implementation: Enforcers, Managers, Authorities? London: Routledge

Gomez R and Christou G (2004), ‘European Union Foreign Economic Policy and the Mediterranean’, in Carlsnaes W, Sjursen H and White B, Contemporary European Foreign Policy, UK: Sage.


Work in progress/under review 

G Christou (2009), 'The European Commission as an Actor in the Cyprus Conflict', presented at the Annual BISA Conference, University of Leicester, 14-16 Dec 2009, under review 

G Christou (2010), ‘EU Bilateral Relations with Russia: Greece and Cyprus ', paper prepared for a BASEES-UACES research network project on Russia and the EU Member States. Presented at the UACES Annual Conference, Bruges, 6-8 September 2010, under review 

G Christou and S Simpson (2010), ‘Shaping the Global Communications Milieu: the EU’s influence on Internet and Telecommunications Governance’, paper presented at the GARNET Conference ‘The European Union in International Affairs', Brussels, 24-26 April 2010, under review

G Christou and S Simpson (2010), ‘The Influence of Global Internet Governance Institutions on EU Norms and Practices’, paper presented at a workshop in Barcelona, 6-8 May, 2010. 

G Christou (2010), 'The European Neighbourhood Policy: Extending Borders Towards the Ukraine'

G Christou (2011), 'The European Union and Turkey's Kurdish Issue', presented at an EU-GRASP FP7 funded workshop, Gothenburg, 23-25 Feb 2011